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I have been doing some evening classes in pottery at a local college here in London. My teacher is good looking, and I fancy her a lot. I don’t know if she can sense me, but I keep on standing close to her when she demonstrates something. Sometimes I feel that she wants to be close to me, and she often touches me. I know that some people use touch as a tool to find out if a partner might be interested. Being bisexual certainly is not easy, but I am glad to have an outlet for my feelings with London escorts.

Our escort services from are probably the busiest escorts service in London at the moment. Most services in London have been a bit slow, taking on things like duo dating and escorts for couples. However, our service is different, and we have taken all of that sort of stuff on board. It is going great, and I love the fact that London escorts keep me busy. But, I must admit that I am really into spending time at a pottery class as well.

I almost asked my teacher if she liked girls last night. It was a rather strange situation, and we came face to face. My lips slightly parted, and I felt that I wanted to kiss her. I managed to stop myself, but it was hard. This morning I had coffee with my friend Suzi from London escorts, and I told her all about it. I know that I felt a spark, but of course, I could not act on it in class. It would have been nice but not okay to do so.

Am I too open about my sexuality? For some reason, I have managed to hold myself back in pottery class, but otherwise, I am pretty much open about my sexuality. I like to tell people that I am bisexual because that allows me to open and upfront with them, but for some reason, I have not said a thing in this class. Now, I am beginning to think that I should have said something. The main problem is that I am probably leaning more towards women than men, so I am so good at escorts for couples at London escorts.

I should perhaps say something to my teacher, but it knows where to start. I could always say that she is a very good looking woman. When I do my escorts for couples service at London escorts, I often give ladies compliments. I have found that it makes them feel better about themselves and turns them on. If they are a bit unsure of how they think, another woman’s compliment may affirm that. That is how I discovered that I was bisexual, and I must admit that it has worked well for me. Your sexuality is something that you should never be ashamed.


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