Some of my dates are not focused on healthy eating at all, and you can tell – Stansted escorts

They get out of breath quickly and are a bit overweight. Last week, the lift in my block of flats here at Stansted escorts broke down, and one of my dates had to take the stairs. It was exhausted after just three flights and had to sit down. It is a hefty smoker, and that is terrible news.

You should also watch your sugar intake. Another one of my dates at cheap Stansted escorts from is addicted to sweet things and must eat a fair share of sugar. The truth is that you only need about six teaspoons of sugar everywhere. This guy eats something sweet for breakfast, a cake after lunch, and tons of ice cream after his dinner. I have told him that he must be on sugar overload by now and that he should stop. You are saying that I know that many of my dates at cheap Stansted escorts suffer from what I call sweet tooth syndrome.

Salt is another problem, and it can seriously affect your libido. When I go on dinner dates with my gents at cheap Stansted escorts, I often notice that many of them put extra salt on their food. It annoys me, and I keep telling them to taste their food first of all. I am sure that most of them would not need all of that salt on their food, and they are going way over the top. I have even suggested to my dates at Stansted escorts that they should send their food back if it does not taste nice.

Exercise is easy to forget. Most of the time, I am pretty good with my exercise routine, and I exercise a lot. I know that it can be tough to fit in exercise if you are working hard. Speaking to my dates at Stansted escorts, I think many of them cannot fit exercise. They rush from home to work, and many of my cheap Stansted escorts gents do spend an excessive amount of time at work. It is not any good, and you can certainly notice that they do not exercise.

Excessive working hours are another problem, as well. My gents seem to be spending more and more time at work. By the time they come around to see me at cheap Stansted escorts, they may have worked more than 10 hours or sometimes more. That is terrible news and can cause stress. Stress is a real killer, and I know that one of my gents suffers from heart problems because of stress. He takes tablets, and at the same time, he complains about tiredness. No good at all, and he should cut down on his working hours and get some exercise or exercise, lol. Of course, he should change his diet as well. Oh dear, I am turning into a real nagging Stansted escort


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