I have always enjoyed short term relationships more than longer ones – London escorts

Some people call them flings, and I suppose it is the right way of describing them. Most of my flings have been with married men. Do I feel guilty about dating them? There are times when I do, but most of the time, I don’t. After all, I don’t think I am doing anything wrong, but the gents I date are indeed the guilty ones. I am not sure their wives would agree with that.

It all started when I joined the London escorts. It did not take me very long to figure out that many married men enjoyed dating London escorts from https://escortsinlondon.sx. For some reason, I found that I was getting turned on by them. Most of them did not want any commitment from me at all, and that suited me fine. In my heart, I am a bit of a party girl, and I like to have fun. Not all girls think that I am doing the right thing, but I don’t care.

Most of the guys that I have flings with treat me well. They like to give me presents and take me away for weekends. It is effortless. They tell their wives that they are playing golf or something like that, and they go out for a fling break with me. I love it, and I have stayed in some great places. Sure, I am sure that some of them have found out. When I don’t hear from a guy suddenly, it usually means that his wife has caught on to what he is doing.

Where do I meet these men? I don’t meet them at London escorts. Most of them I encounter after I have finished my shift at London escorts. I like to pop into a bar or pub to have a drink. It helps me to relax. Of course, there are many guys out at that time of the night, and I get a chance to speak to them. I have to say that I don’t tell them I work for London escorts. They need to think that I am an ordinary girl. Otherwise, I don’t believe that they would be happy to have a fling with me.

I have tried to stop, but it has not worked. You would have thought that I would get enough men at our London escort service, but that is not true at all. I like men, and I much prefer to spend time with men than with women. Could this be what makes me ideal fling material? I think that could be it. I have never met a guy who has made me feel bored, but I have met plenty of women who make me feel bored. Would I have a fling with a woman? I am bisexual, but I don’t think that I would ever have a fling with a woman.


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