Affordable escort services – North London escorts

Finding cheap escorts in London is not that easy anymore, but if you are looking for genuinely cheap escorts in London, you should check out North London escorts. In all honesty, I think that north London is the last stronghold for affordable escort services. A lot of the girls who work in north London are new to dating, which is perhaps why they are cheaper. However, don’t for one moment, think that they are not hot. I have had some hot dates with northern London babes from, which is the main reason I am still dating in north London.
I have always enjoyed dating escorts, and I like to meet up with escorts wherever I go. But, I have to admit that there is something extraordinary about north London escorts. For some reason, girls who work as escorts in London now all think that they are unique. A friend of mine recently had a date with escorts in central London, and he said the girls were all into designer gear and posh.
That is not the kind of date that I am looking for when I want to date escorts. Whenever I have a craving for some hot adult fun, I want to meet girls who are real tarts and are not afraid of being real tarts. They know that you are after a good time, and all of the girls here in north London, always make sure that you have a good time. It could be because many of them are from places like Poland, the girls from those kinds of situations tend to be sexier.
I don’t know what happened to English born escorts. It is tough to find English escorts these days, and when you do, they want to charge you a fortune for a date. I have heard that many English escorts have moved out to places like Essex and Surrey, and even further out. A friend of mine said he dated English escorts in Canterbury and Guildford. That is just too far for me to travel, and at the same time, I understand that he paid a small fortune for his dates. No, I think that I am going to stick to north London escorts.
Are the north London escorts the hottest escorts in London? I think that the girls that I meet in north London are the most amazing babes. The only problem is that they don’t tend to stick around for a very long time. Most of them are good at what they are doing, so they often move on to other agencies in other parts of London. I can understand that they want to make more money and have some more fun, but disappointing. I like to have regular escorts, but I think those days are gone here in north London.


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