What is the point of small dildos?

I always buy all of my sex toys from the same company. Yesterday, when I received the new catalogue here at London escorts, I noticed that it was packed with a couple of pages of small dildos. Personally I cannot see the point in that at all. Okay, you probably have a few ladies who like to play with small dildos, but I think that the majority of ladies like the larger versions. Anyway, there is not point to have a catalogue without about five pages of small dildos. That does not work for me at all.

Speaking to my friends here at London escorts, they all agreed with me. When a girl want to have some fun, most of us would like to play with a large dildo. That is so much more of a turn on than playing with a small one. One of the girls that I work with at London escorts for a long time says that she really likes small vibrators. Well, I can see the point in that as you can use them to stimulate your clitoris. I have a couple myself and I really get a kick out of using them. They are not expensive and you take them almost anywhere. Some of them even look like lipsticks.

There are so many sex toys being produced these days and I am not sure that all of them offer value for money. Looking through the catalogue, I noticed that there was about 15 pages of sex toys that I would never use. I think that most of them looked really off putting and none of the other girls here at London escorts got a kick out of them neither. All in all, I was rather disappointed with the new catalogue and I am not sure that I am going to be using that company again.

I think that most of my London escorts colleagues are into more exciting sex toys, I know that I am anyway and that is not going to change. Not all of the girls at our London escorts services are into sex toys, but they ones that are, do like to receive a quality sex toy instead. I am sure that the average lady thinks about it the same way. As a matter of fact, if you are looking for quality sex toys, you may just want to check out alternative sites such as Groupon. I have never seen a small dildo on this site.

In the future I think that I will use a different supplier for all of my sex toys needs. Sometimes a business goes down hill, and I think that has happened to this one. I have been buying stuff from them for years, but now they seem to have lost the plot. One of the most experienced London escorts that I know says that women should ideally run sex toys companies. I must admit that I agree. Running a sex toy company might be the ideal job for a lady and I would certainly like to have a go at it. Imagine trying out all of those exciting new toys!

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